Scandinavian Adventures - Husky Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Husky Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Husky Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Husky Safaris


The silence of dogsledding is an experience in itself. All you can hear is the sled runners on the snow and the eager panting of the dogs as they tow you into the forest, giving you an experience like no other. This tour can be combined with either snowmobiling to the dog farm or by coach. A coffee break is included in the dogsledding tour, as well as information about dog-handling and sled-dogs.

By snowmobile


Price: 255 € adult
  192 € child
Duration: 4 h / 35 km snowmobile drive &
9 km husky ride


By Bus


Price: 172 € adult
  129 € child
Duration: 2 hrs 30 min
9 km husky ride




Half Day Husky Safari



Enjoy the magnificent Arctic Nature by exploring it with Huskies! After the first excitement of the dog, we start heading into the silence of the wilderness. Half way through the trip we will have a short break to warm us up a bit and drink a hot cup of tea or coffee. If you are sharing a Husky team, now you have time to switch places! Both, mushing and sitting in the sleigh are an experience worth making! Once back to the kennel, you get to learn everything about dogs and races, and grill some sausages over the fire.


Price: 220 € adult
  165 € child
Duration: 4 h + 30 min transfer
25 km husky ride




Full day as a musher


Take part on an unique experience, following the tracks of legendary mushers. We start the tour by getting to know the huskies, and getting some instructions about driving your own dog team. Now you’re ready for action. Alaskan Huskies are eager to run, and soon you will be “one” with them. The ride takes you trough silent forest areas and over open landscapes. You’re driving the whole day

Halfway, it’s lunch time, over an open campfire. Dogs and humans need a rest. Exciting stories about the great explorations, when mushers drove their sledges over huge distances, can be heard. Then your expedition restarts, driving your team on more than 40 kilometres total. When we come back, you’ll have experienced something unforgettable.


Price: 375 € adult, single ride only
Duration: 6 h + 30 min transfer
40km husky ride
  From 05/02/2016 to 01/04/2016
Min. 4 persons
Max. 8 persons