Scandinavian Adventures - Night Adventures
Scandinavian Adventures - Night Adventures
Scandinavian Adventures - Night Adventures
Scandinavian Adventures - Night Adventures


Northern light snowmobile safari


Have you ever seen the famous “firefox lights“ in the dark skies of Lapland? Well, come join us and experience the magic of the Northern Lights in a quiet natural setting, getting there by snowmobile in the evening. Hopefully beneath the spectacular Northern Lights, we make a fire in the snow and prepare some hot berry juice while our guide tells stories, legends and facts about the auroras.


Price: 128 € adult
  168 € adult, single drive
  64 € child
Duration: 2 h 30 min / 20 km



Northern light snowshoeing


In the evening, we walk into the forest with only the electric torch and the moon to light our way. Hopefully, we may get to see the Northern Lights while we sit around the open fire and listen to stories about the aurora from our guide, enjoying a warm drink and cookies.


Price: 59 € adult
  30 € child
Duration: 2 h



Aurora Borealis dinner at the Top


Tonight is very special... We take you by car to the ski slopes, where we meet the most exciting vehicle you could ever dream about: the SnowCat! This stunning vehicle is responsible for preparing the ski slopes by night. We have it reserved just for us, and are granted to come on board for a 20min ride toward the top of the fells. Along the way, look through the windows and enjoy as the view gets nicer and nicer.

Arriving to the top, if there are any northern lights around, we will definitely see them from there; you’re 718m above sea level, at the top of Ylläs, above most of the clouds! We can then warm up in the Kammi, which is also the highest restaurant in Finland. Take a sit at your table and enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner, while our guide presents us with exciting stories about northern lights and Lapland. After the food, we head outside to watch the sky and head back down to the valley with the SnowCatget for another amazing experience.


Price: 150 € adult
  120 € child
Duration: 4 h
  Min. 6 persons




Hannu's historical reindeer place


We set off to Hannu's Reindeer farm, where we will have the chance to meet and share some time with a genuine reindeer herder, ride a reindeer sleigh and share stories with him about reindeer herding, life in Lapland and its traditions. You will be greeted by a unique man, share a warm cup of coffee or hot juice after the reindeer ride and a typical home made pastry, all while sitting by a cozy fire inside a lávvu teepee tent. Enjoy an enchanting and time-travelling trip!

By snowmobile

Price: 180 € adult
  126 € child
Duration: 4 hrs | 3 km sleigh ride
35 km snowmobiling


By bus

Price: 135 € adult
  94.50 € child
Duration: 2 hrs | 3 kg sleigh ride




Northern light reindeer ride


This special adventure takes us to a reindeer enclosure where a magical experience is awaiting us. Have you ever driven your own reindeer sledge? Tonight will be your chance. To make it even more exciting, we cruise through the snowy forest by night, with only the stars and moon to light our way! Surrounded by the darkness and with the pace of the animals guiding us, we cross big open fields, far from any artificial lights. There really is no better setting to watch the northern lights from! After a 4km ride, we warm up in a traditional Lappish kota, where our hosts prepare some delicious pancakes and serve us some warm berry juice, telling us exciting stories about reindeer herding and old traditions.

Transportation is by car.


Price: 195 € adult
  125 € child
Duration: 3 h 30 min | 4 km
  Min. 4 persons