Scandinavian Adventures - Snowmobile Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Snowmobile Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Snowmobile Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Snowmobile Safaris

First Time Safari


First time in Lapland? Of course you want to go snowmobile driving... This is the perfect beginners tour! After some short instructions, we can hit the tracks and start discovering the magical forest and wetland around Äkäslompolo. We will make a pit stop for refreshments before returning to the village.

No previous experience necessary and sleds are available if you want to bring the kids along!


Price: 78 € adult
  110 € adult, single drive
  25 € child
Duration: 2 h / 20 km ride




Icefishing by snowmobile


On this safari, we couple the adrenaline of snowmobile driving with the serenity of ice fishing.

Upon arrival at the frozen lake, our guide can tach you how to drill through the thick ice to reach the fish below. Perhaps we can even pass on some local tips to help you catch the big one! Later we can share stories about fishing in Lapland with coffee and hot, home-made soup.


Price: 146 € adult
  206 € adult, single drive
  73 € child
Duration: 4 h / 35 km ride




Visit Sweden


Have you noticed how close we are to the swedish border? How about making a visit to the Swedes and try out some deep snowmobiling in their huge, wild wetlands, as well as taking a picture of the antique border plate between both countries? Before we head back, we have a meal on the finnish side.

Enjoy a more adventurous snowmobiling experience, learn different ways of driving it, while still returning in good time for dinner and sauna!


Price: 320 € adult
  420 € adult, single drive
Duration: 6-8 h / 95 km ride



Lappish Hell Canyon


This trip takes us through a small narrow path in the snow to an ancient sacred place located some 35km from the village.

Pakasaivo is the largest coulee lake in Scandinavia, and was drilled by water after the last Ice Age. Did you know the Sami used to gather there in order to make sacrifices to the Lappish Gods? After visiting the place and getting to learn some Lappish myths, we will warm up in a Lappish tepee around some warm drinks and a delicious meal cooked over the fire. On our way back, we will take a different route.


Price: 185 € adult
  245 € adult, single drive
  90 € child
Duration: 5-6 h / 70 km ride



Top of Ylläs


Join us for a snowmobile safari to the top of the world, (at least in Ylläs), we go round the fell and up to Finland’s highest restaurant, KAMMI at 718 metres, and at the summit we have coffee before we head down again. The safari gives you a great view and the experience of mountain driving.


Price: 182 € adult, single drive only
Duration: 3 h / 35 km ride



Oldtime Lumberjack Safari


Today we pack our luggage on the snowmobile to spend a night in the wilderness. We quit the main tracks to enjoy driving on smaller routes, going always further into the wild. The old lumberjack campsite is our destination. There, we will spend a cozy evening and night, but we have to work: there is no electricity nor running water! We make a hole in the ice on the river and carry water to the sauna and kitchen and we bring firewood in the stoves. Enjoy a fantastic wood-heated sauna and maybe get to dip yourself in the frozen river, meanwhile our host is preparing us a delicious candlelit dinner. A wonderful night is awaiting us, lulled by the fire cracking in the stove. On the next day, we drive back through another road, making a round trip of total 150 km!


Price: 535 € adult
  685 € adult, single drive
Duration: 2 days / 150 km ride
  Min. 4 persons
Max. 12 persons



The Fell Trilogy



Being one of our longer and more demanding tours we recommend the Fell Trilogy for the more experienced drivers. On this tour we encompass the Ylläs-Pallas national park with the intent to conquer the three fells, get to see three different counties and the ski-resorts of Levi, Ylläs and Olostunturi.

We set out in the morning over the top of Ylläs (1) on our way to Levi where we go to the top of Levi fell (2) for lunch. After a refreshing break we push on through the vast wilderness of Lapland and enjoy the splendid scenery as we cross over great wetlands, frozen lakes and forests. Navigating to Olostunturi where we will have a short coffee break.

On the last leg home we ride along seldom travelled tracks, enjoy the sun setting (Gods Willing) and finish up going over Kuertunturi (3) which has a very mystical landscape. Landing in Äkäslompolo in the early evening.



Price: 485 € adult
Duration: 7-10 hrs / 210 km ride
  Min. 2 persons