Scandinavian Adventures - Special Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Special Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Special Safaris
Scandinavian Adventures - Special Safaris

Kangos Expedition 

Join us and experience a very special expedition. This special is composed for companies, departments and friend groups. The maximum group size is 12 persons.  

The program will be as follows;  

Day 1: After arrival in Äkäslompolo, a warm welcome with a warm local delicacy we tie on the snowshoes for a walk through the snowy forests.  

Day 2: A snowmobile trip of more than a 100 kilometers to a guesthouse in Swedish Kangos. There we enjoy a delicious hot meal and of course a warm sauna.  

Day 3: A Husky Safari in the morning and around noon we get ready for a snowmobile trip to Äkäslompolo for a dinner in Poro Restaurant.  

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Top of Scandinavia  

This very special week tour will be available in 2019. We will start in Äkäslompolo (Finnish Lapland) and end in Andenes (Norway).

We start with a snowmobile safari, then a husky safari, a snowshoe hike, a visite to Hannu's reindeer farm, a bus ride to Sweden, we visit the Ice Hotel in Kiruna and travel by train from Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik in Norway. Followed by a bus ride from Narvik to Andenes with a real whale safari to top it all off.  

Group size: up to 10 people.  

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The Snowmobile Express


A beautiful 3-day snowmobile tour through Finland and Sweden.
Who doesn't want to experience this great adventure.  

The first day we'll make a trip of 120 kilometers to a 'wilderness camp' in Swedish Pathajarvi.

Day 2 will be a journey of 120 kilometers to Lannavaara where we'll stay in a guesthouse.  

The last day we will make a 140 kilometer trip back to Äkäslompolo with a lunch in Muonio.  

All together we will travel about 400 kilometers in three days by snowmobile.  

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