Scandinavian Adventures - Terms And Conditions
Scandinavian Adventures - Terms And Conditions
Scandinavian Adventures - Terms And Conditions
Scandinavian Adventures - Terms And Conditions

Winter season 2017-2018 general conditions

Scandinavian Adventures guarantees the planning of activities, equipment and transportation regarding activities operated on winter season 2017-2018, as detailed on following pages.

Those activities are available according to a week schedule set for the whole period.  Outside the week schedule, activities can be privatised with a price coefficient of 1.5, except husky safaris and reindeer safaris.

Scandinavian Adventures guarantees activity group’s size of maximum 16 persons including children.

Regarding snowmobiles activities:

  • Kids under 12 years old will sit in open sledges pulled by the guides.
  • Drivers must possess a valid driving licence and bring it along.
  • Drivers shall not be under influence of alcohol or drugs when driving.
  • Drivers and passengers must accept guides leadership and respect applying rules during the safaris.
  • Single supplements are not available for reindeer safaris.
  • All drivers recognize a self-liability which can lead him to be charged damage fees up to 1.500 € evaluated by the guides after returning the safari house.

Scandinavian Adventures terms and conditions

Scandinavian Adventures (hereafter referred as the “supplier”) will follow these terms and conditions regarding reservations, services and cancellations. These terms and conditions are binding for both parties. Please read them carefully!


Reservations can be made beforehand (pre-reservations) or on the spot.

Pre-Reservations shall always be made in written. For reservations made by Telephone, Credit Card details and a Handling fee of 10 Euros will be taken. The supplier will confirm all bookings and reservations in written. The reservations final confirmation will be sent after the pre-payment has been paid.

At the point of reservation, the customer must provide the full names and date of birth of all guests participating on the Safaris.

Reservations on the spot must be made latest the previous evening of the Safari until 18:00.


To be able to drive your own Snowmobile the driver has to be min. 18 years of age and posses a valid driver’s license for mopeds (50ccm). All Snowmobile safaris include snowmobile, fuel, thermal outfit, maintenance, insurance (maximum personal liability Euro 1.500), guide service.

Children 4-12 years of age have -50% discount, and children under 4 years of age are free of charge (children younger than 12 years of age travel in the sleigh).

Husky & Reindeer Safaris

To be able to steer your own team of huskies the driver must be minimum 18 years of age!

Children 2 – 12 years of age have – 25% discount. Children under 2 y.o are not allowed on any tours. Children under 6 years are not allowed on tours longer than 9 km.

Riding Safaris

Minimum age to ride a horse is 12 years. Participants of riding Safaris are not allowed to weigh more than 100kg.


Transportation from your accommodation in Äkäslompolo is included in the price.


Immediately after a reservation has been made, the supplier will send a written confirmation with two (2) Invoices. The first one, the pre-payment, will be in the value of 30% of the total reservation. This pre-payment shall be paid within 30 days after the initial reservation has been made. If the initial reservation is made less then 60 days before arrival, the pre-payment is due immediately. The final payment (70% of the total reservation) is due 30 days before delivery. If the booking is made less then 30 days prior to arrival, the payment shall be made immediately. The supplier will take the Credit Card details as a security.

On the spot reservations must be paid immediately at the time of booking.


In order to cancel a previously made reservation the customer has to inform the supplier in written or in person. The customer is liable for the proof of the cancellation. Any documents and/or Vouchers received from the supplier must be handed back at the time of cancellation.

Cancellation Costs

For each cancellation the supplier will charge a cancellation fee of 45 Euros.

Cancellations of safaris from the week program must be made latest by 17:00 the previous evening. After this time, no refunds are made.

For multiple day safaris an additional cancellation costs will be calculated out of the total value of the reservation following the chart below:

Up to 60 days before arrival: 0%
59 – 45 days before arrival: 25%
44 – 30 days before arrival: 50%
29 – 1day before arrival: 100%
No-show: 100%

Reservation on price changes

  1. If the cost of the agreed services increases as a result of increased taxes, increase of fuel prices, devaluation, decision of the civil power or any similar circumstance, the Supplier shall be entitled to impose a surcharge corresponding to the increase in cost.
  2. If the Supplier wishes to reserve the right to increase prices for any other reason than those mentioned above, he must clearly inform the Customer at the time of booking that price changes may take place.
  3. The Supplier shall inform the Customer as soon as a surcharge is imposed.
  4. Scandinavian Adventures generally reserves the right to change prices mentioned in their brochures and web pages.

Special wishes at time of order

If the customer has any special wishes concerning e.g. special food, pets, etc., these shall be made known at time of reservation. The same applies if the customer requires special security arrangements.

Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, conflagrations, explosions, wars or warlike conditions, substantial restrictions on supplies and other circumstances outside the Supplier’s control entitles the Supplier to cancel the agreement without any liability in damages.

Law and Court

If any disputes are not able to be solved between the contractual parties, the Swedish law shall be used to solve the disputes. City of Court is Haparanda.